The girl with big eyes

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Out of the life of the hedge

Can't Hong Kong travel deals remember how many days will itself within the soul bobbed, is not willing to let go, those heavy, and the years of baggage. 
A childhood dream, but true very long dormant deep inside, remember ChangYin "carry when observing, face upwards long, ZhuangHuai fierce. 30 fame that will only turn to dust and ashes, long long time. The mo, white young head, empty grievous!" When the young early hao, has "the sword in hand, ask the world who is a hero?" In the wild. And everything, etc. As well as on the road to the world of mortals, as the world's bumpy, poor polishing, the erosion of time and then slowly in the wind, the rain, with tears, like the afterglow mountains, bit by bit into the boundless night, few. 
Long ignored the joy in life, my heart become numb, so that "the trees come up hotel diploma courseto my window like the dark is the yearning voice of the earth", I can't hear; That forced the green leaves the flop the powerful of the earth I also considered neglect due to intense heat, only in a hurry wandering in the ruts human feelings, forget to chuai interest; The fruits of the autumn season of crashing piled up in front of my eyes, I forgot his promise to my father, does nothing, travelling bag was empty; When put on winter cotton-padded jacket, I against the remnants of the fire, let a woes, hanging in the cold room. 
No, no, I don't want this life, I want to fly the mood, I want to cooking wine, among, to sing to the moon. 
I am going to put before him at the time, don't let fell a gap exists at present, also don't let that the stumbling bumpy over. Enthusiasm I want to be in the four seasons of the wind wave, wave the heroic, I once goodbye rain or shine, and swing, let me heavy footsteps, step on the auspicious clouds, go over past high mountains, wade XinHe teeming with fear. I to search for the song of joy in the thorns and a gorgeous dance steps and rushed out of the bearing life. 
I don't want shallow v. whisper, I want to sing. 
Numbered, life geometry? I want to retrace my blueprint of life, to draw the outline of the thought of precision and latitude, in the early morning, washs practice spirit, in the evening at sunset, smiles to the sky. 
I want to be in the spring of the plains pillow a tail, seeding, Dutch hoe when busy, spare time watching clouds scud across, rabbit transient eagle apartment hong kong disease. 
I want to be in the summer of controlling a horse, prairie bridle and sometimes slow crawl, sometimes always Mercedes, sometimes goldkorn immediately. 
I want to be in the autumn of rural holding a scythe, cut a few lines, chrysanthemum appreciation surface ChangPu that open a window, he drank a few SangMa pot of words. 
Bend a bow, I want to be in the winter snow through cold air, drive away cold night, will be back in the day of light. 
Sigh days, often submerged in a sigh; Holding the hope, always walk in hope. 
Hard life will ever run into a package, in the depths of the years, so easily, never have for a long time. I hold my head high in the sudden coming of dusty, head, the mood of the brilliantly woven clothes, a smelled of understanding let me hilarious, originally, the trajectory of life, walking the walk is in the raising of the foot, the laying of it down on our choices. 
Tomorrow, I want to fly the mood, to feel the joy of life. I would rather: 
Every day I placed the paper torrent of stream in this. 
I use a large black write my name and I live in the villagers on the paper. 
I hope that the people living in the long distance to get this paper boat, know who I am. 
I spend long garden shows the load on my boat, hope these open flowers can be in peace in the middle of the night the dawn zone to the shore. 
I threw my paper boat in the water and looked up at the sky and saw the little flowers of cloud is a full drum with white sails of the wind. 
Sleep fairy sitting on the boat, with a basket full of dreams. 
I want to be in the river shore, hold a huge sum, the river for ink, draw the beauty of lights, with me to travel mood, uncovered the veil of the night, then, no longer afraid of fear. 
Early in a dream, I will shake my charge, to renew the predecessor in full bloom, fangfang to pick me up later, in the mountain, in the horn of the sea, the flashing light. 
Flying mood, let all the past, in the hand, lightly.