The girl with big eyes

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Parting thoughts

Distant memory flashes green, bell sounded to life at dusk, Ningzhu the eye of God tells the story of one after another subtle, I have to get out of your eyes. 
Site, leaving only the lonely deserted me, rolled up clothes wrapped around the line of sight electrical desk, the long whistle reluctant to tear you with my tenderness, lopsided train stretched silent tears, we just let the memories initiation the hair. Miss getting stronger, wet season precipitation smile, drooping head has been unable to say goodbye, but also pulled a handkerchief from afar unable to fly a kite, you dream of the North but we Xiangxie vision. 
Fog is a thin plume of Rouman Qingsi woven into it? Curl in my eyes slipping, let me give birth to a lot of imagination and melancholy. 
This nostalgia is not sitting Meng, lonely not to have normalized flow River, quietly reading the gurgling sound of water, I really suspect that your a cavity tenderness, freshwater pearl earrings stirring the roll in my chest gully. At this point, any time I kind of bruising, could not find the right words to describe my state of mind at this time. Just so sat quietly, let your thoughts flow to flow to, any of the distant lights Weicu kiss my forehead, so I went into yesterday, so yesterday spread into the memories will never fade, Xixi windward spit send handsome fragrance. 
If you warm me last night, silently walking in the summer dusk, lying on the slanting soft and thick lawn, Study Tour overlooking the moon hanging in the air, counting the stars blink, and build our dream under the moon and stars ablaze. Quietly looked through the treetops your voice Danru breeze, my heart surging excitement landscape. More than a dream of you and me, did not know there are so gentle moonlight companions. 
The total in the night lights in a room to spend the lonely, maybe you have gone to sleep, dreaming sweet golden sun, and I dressed in addition to a shirt emptiness and loneliness, only a bunch of small wind rang to Aer windows, crisp sings the words as you gently lower around in my ear. 
No history of turning yesterday's memories tomorrow, out yesterday, sending you travel to silence into my life magnificent rainbow, I only hope that this piece of toast distant promise moonlight, lit incense that sort of thick thoughts ......