The girl with big eyes

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Listen to your side of the beautiful scene describing the day

How long did not like today
A man sitting quietly by the river
Silent and watched the river flowing
Distant hills undulating contours
Decorative lights blossoming black sky
Shuttle visitors laugh laughter
A lone figure silhouetted against
And in-depth bone loss
This is the far northern city
Cold, lonely, strange
Trustee mother told me
Today she do retinal detachment surgery
So I pulled out the familiar rush
Numbers but can not turn the
Still just a cold voice
Ten years ago, an accident
Let us no longer linked
Seventeen years old I decided to take up the backpack
Has embarked on a longer road of no return
Our feelings
Also just stay in that snowy night ten years ago
Selfish, cold, fickle
Freeze the last vestiges of the family's blood covered body
Many years later
We are accustomed to their own lives
Degradation as ordinary loved ones
When occasionally meet insincere greetings
Like two distant planet
Can not find the doorway to the other side of that bridge inside
I am used to a person walking
One person to bear
A person choice
A man lost
Just because I have not found their own corner
I like a lost child
Bobo the vicissitudes of life in splendidly mature
Until abjection
Tonight the moon is still bright
So successful, but people feel desolate
Cold light penetrated my heart
Whether it is the same as in your bed irradiation
Pedestrian street whisper softly sing
Familiar melody will have lost the courage of my youth
Generally quiet backwater like heart
At this moment, unable to quell a wave off
I have in the old days of childhood
Years ago, a warm stillness of the night
Looking at the moon with a gentle
Sitting in a rocking chair on the home front
Listen to your side of the beautiful scene describing the day