The girl with big eyes

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We are one of them

I don't know if they thoroughly understand yourself, ever seriously to understand yourself. But, I seem to understand, at least what is himself... 
Thought, as long as their intentions, can have, as long as insist, who is coming will come Dream beauty pro hard sell, so I'm always strong in disappointment, slowly become brave. 
I always live in the naive, the world of fantasy, in the face of all the world, I always want to so simple, always use the surface to look at all this, so I always so easy to believe a person, thing, thing. 
Really feel oneself is a perceptual person, in my world, I value most feelings, because I think love is priceless, Dream beauty pro not any material things, can be measured. Even I think this idea is how naive. 
In the face of a lot of things, a lot of people I lack enough courage, sometimes in the face, always I choose to quit. May be, I am so weak people, so there is no bottom spirit. But, I want to be strong, strong enough to face anything, even if the end of the world, or and die. So, I'm always in my heart secretly encourage yourself, let yourself be brave. 
...... Really couldn't say for sure, a lot of things can not use language to express. 
What makes me be today of I? Back blankly, Dream beauty pro hard sell will not have the answer... 
Some say heavy sentiment, people will be hurt the most. Really very deep, like pieces, a knife a knife from the torture, but I can only endure the injury, to bear the pain. Otherwise, how can? 
Because failure is doomed to fail. 
I admit that he is a take up, can not let go. Rumors, take easy, put down hard, at this moment, I deeply appreciate. Once upon a time, in the mind so easily, but want to forget, it is so difficult. 
Once upon a time, that happened to me in life, is enough to make me all has to meet stinging pain. Doomed, I don't escape... 
Deep in the world of mortals, silent pain, HKUE ENG don't escape... 
We are one of them...